Architectural Redevelopment and Expansion Planning

Upgrading School infrastructure encapsulating space requirement, aesthetics, functionality, statutory, safety and security compliance.

  • Modernization and development of Sports Grounds, Courts and other sports facilities as they are acquiring major space in children’s overall development and parents’ aspiration.
  • The inclusion of Auditorium in the school infra as nowadays it is considered to be a very important facility and it asks for a lot of detailing and expertise.
  • Up gradation of existing and Development of New Labs and Facilities which include Science, Social Science, English, Math labs.
  • Expert guidance in Interior Planning in unison with the aesthetic and functional requirement of the school.
  • Landscape design specific to the requirement of a school because it is well known that a fine blend of Grey and Green creates a wonderful learning environment and brings astonishing results.
  • Careful planning under the expert guidance of boarding house can prove to be a strategic decision and can add wings to the development of the school.
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