Existing School

We at Ekatvam extend our services to schools that are operational but facing challenges and requiring improvisation in areas like redevelopment, rebranding, affiliation advisory & up-gradation, academic planning and audits, recruitment etc. We, being a group of seasoned educationists and dynamic administrators will be a guiding force to take your venture to soar new heights.

Architectural Redevelopment and Expansion Planning

Upgrading School infrastructure encapsulating space requirement, aesthetics, functionality, statutory, safety and security compliance.

  • Modernization and development of Sports Grounds, Courts and other sports facilities as they are acquiring major space in children’s overall development and parents’ aspiration.
  • The inclusion of Auditorium in the school infra as nowadays it is considered to be a very important facility and it asks for a lot of detailing and expertise.
  • Up gradation of existing and Development of New Labs and Facilities which include Science, Social Science, English, Math labs.
  • Expert guidance in Interior Planning in unison with the aesthetic and functional requirement of the school.
  • Landscape design specific to the requirement of a school because it is well known that a fine blend of Grey and Green creates a wonderful learning environment and brings astonishing results.
  • Careful planning under the expert guidance of boarding house can prove to be a strategic decision and can add wings to the development of the school.

Re-branding, Positioning and Marketing

Rebranding efforts create awareness of the vision and philosophy of an educational entity built over a period of time. Also, even a hundred-year-old institute puts consistent efforts to keep it blossoming in the hearts of community so for an existing school it becomes imperative to focus sharply on branding and marketing to maximize its reach.

  • Generating and highlighting the USP of the Institute
  • Creating a new logo and a befitting tagline
  • Guidance for website development with consideration of all stakeholders.
  • Strategy for making long-lasting and fruitful public relations
  • Recreating marketing collaterals i.e. Brochure, leaflet, office stationery etc.
  • Planning of digital marketing for an existing school as it plays a vital role in brand recall.
  • Guidance on scheduling and organizing conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Guidance in conducting community services for earning faith in the region.
  • Training of Admission Team as it portrays the image of the institute.

Academic Planning

For the sustained and long-lasting success of an existing educational entity, the academic distinction is of utmost importance. There is always a scope for improvement in it and it requires the expert guidance of experienced, successful and seasoned educationists who can set the strong ground for achieving perpetual milestones of academic excellence.

  • Selection of publications and books (change, if required) for Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle classes after doing an insightful need analysis.
  • Redesign of Handbook/school diary
  • Restructuring of Timetable
  • Syllabus remodeling
  • Improvisation in Designing process of yearly examination calendar
  • Improvisation in Designing process of Yearly academic calendar
  • Improvisation in Designing process of activity calendar
  • Improvisation in Designing process of annual sports calendar
  • Plan out Assessment and monitoring system covering various aspects related to all stakeholders
  • Reshaping of activities and communication platforms involving parents
  • Reshaping of PTA Constitution for meaningful communication between school and parents.
  • Identifying areas and include technology for a dynamic feedback system

Recruitment and Training

Well planned is half done. The project is planned very meticulously with consideration of each and every fine detail. This would form a strong base for smooth execution of work.

  • Redrawing up the detailed job description of academic and operational staff in accordance with the prevailing industry standards.
  • Evaluation of existing staff like Principal, HODs, key persons, teachers, operational and helping staff
  • Human resource requirement analysis at current and future stages of time with consideration of succession Planning
  • Advertising, Short listing, Interview Conduction and Recommending Best candidates
  • Drafting Contracts for Principal, teachers and other staff members
  • Training Program for faculty and operational staff for one academic year at regular interval
  • Briefing of usage of CBSE, IGCSE and IB academic websites
  • Training of various existing and committees to be formed
  • Subject-specific, ECE, NCLB, POCSO, Soft skills and behavioural training.
  • Organizing spoken English and communication skills training for the staff members
  • Training on the establishment of a dynamic examination department complying with all the necessary requirements of the affiliating board.

Affiliation Advisory

  • Changing or adding Board Affiliation; from state board to CBSE or adding IGCSE or/and in curricula to the existing board
  • Extension of affiliation; every third year CBSE extension is required
  • School Upgradation; school affiliated to CBSE till 10th and affiliation of 11th and 12th is required

Academic and Operational Audits

  • Academic Audit to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the academics of the school. It mainly comprises of classroom audit, lesson plan audit, examination department audit, analysis of results and Student Assessment on emotional and social grounds and in academics, cultural and sports activities
  • Operational audit of various departments and HR, to check that all the necessary information, requisites and compliances are in place and to suggest corrective measures and devise a system which would help In smooth functioning and safeguard the school from any future crisis.
  • Performance assessment and monitoring of various operations through mock drills, surprise visits and dummy enquiries

Planning Operational Services

  • Introducing or modifying an integrated IT Management/ ERP System for smooth running of operations.
  • Guidance on Finance and Cost Management by addressing financial issues to inculcate financial discipline in the system.
  • Going through the Policy Manual of all stakeholders and suggesting areas of improvement considering legal and board compliances.
  • EPF/ESIC/PT/TDS assistance
  • Suggesting Safety and Security measures to comply with state, centre, judiciary and affiliating board rules.
  • Designing of Record Management System for error-free and time-saving operations.
  • Transportation designing with consideration of safety, time and cost saving.
  • Outlining Admission Rules and criteria
  • Canteen, /mess and tuck shop management
  • Analyzing housekeeping requirement and guiding on negotiating contracts.
  • Guidance in conduction of psychometric evaluation for utility/class IV staff
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