Ekatvam Pre School Awards 2019:

The Ekatvam pre-school Awards is been introduced to acknowledge and celebrate pre-schools (especially low-profile and newly promoted institutions) which excelled in various quality parameters of pre-school education excellence.

Edu Enlite 2019 (INDORE):

Edu Enlite, in an initiative by Ekatvam, where eminent speakers from across the globe share their experiences and insight among the education fraternity. As the name itself states- ‘Edu- Enlite’, enlightens the educators with the best practices prevalent in the world of education.

El Dorado:

El Dorado is a program initiated by Ekatvam team for creating opportunities for school leaders to learn, exchange ideas and practices through school visits and group discussions. The core of this program lies in its name itself which means place of opportunities or abundance which every school highlights in its own ways as well as the platform we want to create with it.

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