Opening a school

Are these questions in your mind…

How to Open a New School?

Opening a School?

Opening a CBSE SCHOOL?

If you wish to open a new school . . . a good school, then the big question is – how to take the first step, how to move ahead and what it takes to reach where you want to?

The Usual Way . . .

Setting up a new school could seem simple . . .

A good building, a principal, few teachers, some facilities and that’s all !!

But is it that easy?

Going this way, in a few years, by “trial and error”, by combining bits and pieces, you may . . . establish a school.

You might also get a fair idea of the operational procedures but . . .

Believe me it will come at a heavy cost in terms of time and money.

This will defeat the very purpose of your starting the school.

The Right Way . . .

So . . . what is the right way to begin?

How to go ahead with the project?

Whom should you consult?

Ekatvam has answers to all your questions. . .

Right from architectural planning, the formation of trust or society, bank loan assistance, board affiliation, recruitment of Principal and teachers, setting up of operational procedures, branding, marketing to the first year of running the school . . . Ekatvam provides expert guidance into each and every aspect of building a successful school.

This all is done by a team of experienced and young, dynamic minds which have been instrumental in establishing and running a number of successful schools across the country.

Bracing you for future challenges

We, during the journey, from architectural planning to the first year of operation, would brace you for the future, so that every challenge is met with utmost confidence. From helping you choose the best-suited business model to regulatory compliance and ensuring the best return on investment, we equip you in taking long-term, self-sustaining and cost-effective decisions for a successful outcome in your educational endeavours.

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