“I was born genius, education ruined me” very effectively explains the current state of education in India.

The education today . . .

extremely competitive but taking away from the self many chapters taught but a very few lessons learnt more subjects but less substance ready for exams but not ready for the journey of life no questions . . . even no answers . . .  

Learning always is a pleasure but in the present system it has become extremely boring and formal. Remember how the eyes of a child glow whenever he sees a new thing or learns something. But all this sheen is smothered as soon he enters the formal education system.

Too much pressure of exams

The education is examination oriented. It all is confined to several questions and answers. The child, teachers as well as parents are all lost in the dense fog of class tests, periodicals, tri-monthly, half yearly and ultimately the final mission that leads him to the next class. The childhood, like a tender sapling, should have got an atmosphere to grow freely and to develop naturally, is often lost in the books and answer sheets. Students cram the important questions and drain them all in the exams; anxiety and acute stress envelopes the students during exams. They are lost in the wilderness of numbers to such an extent that many times when they don’t see any path ahead they force themselves to commit suicide.

Adverse effect of education

It’s a well-known fact that as the child marches towards completion of his studies he moves away from human values, his culture and his family. In the end, he becomes more self-centred, individualist, selfish, indifferent and insensitive towards the world around him.

Our present system doesn’t create scientists, entrepreneurs, designers, creative artists, professionals and leaders of international standards. It is truly said that Indian education produces clerks.

Indians are bearing the brunt of McCauley’s pattern

And why should there be a trace of doubt in believing this when we still are following the McCauley’s system of education that was forced upon us by the British to make us slaves. In the words of McCauley “This education system shall produce Indians that have black skin and shall have white hearts. Indians shall be slaves forever. Seems McCauley was quite right. We Indians are still the slaves of English. We are the only country in the world that feels proud of teaching in a language other than its mother tongue. There have been a few efforts here and there but the conviction, the thrust and the instinct are far missing. Generations together have felt its sting.

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