Choice of career

Choice of career – crucial journey . . . casual approach!!

What approach is followed usually?

You reach the ticket booking counter and say – give me a ticket.

The ticketing officer – kahan ka ticket doon?

You say – kahi kabhi de do!

Surprised Ticket officer – what do you mean, kahi ka bhi de do, you will have to speak out the destination.

Utterly confused, you look here and there, there are many people around, you start asking them that where they are going. Their answers could be Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc. Incidentally, at that time, more people were going to Pune. Pune, you feel must be a better place.

OK sir; give me a ticket to Pune.

With anguish and a weird smile, the puzzled officer hands over a ticket to Pune and takes a sigh of relief.

Even people around you would have eyes wide open . . . surely they would tell about this incident to all they know.

You pluck the ticket and leave the window




Would you decide your destination in such a way?

Would you ever do this  . . . even in the wildest of your dreams?

How we finalize our tourist destination?

Whenever we want to go on a trip, there are a number of options available for us to pick from but we decide the destination on the basis of our interests, our fantasies . . . our dreams. If the vast blue seas and the soft sand on the beaches fascinate us, we would plan for Goa or Kodaikanal.  If snowfall and the snow clad mountains are what we dream to experience, we would head north for Kashmir. If we have a religious bent Southern India or the cities on the bank of river Ganga could be our choice. So it’s our interest that decides where to go; eventually, then only we would feel rejuvenated, relaxed and most importantly . . . enjoy the journey.

Meticulous planning of the trip

Once our destination is decided, we meticulously plan our trip. The tickets are booked 2 months in advance. We enquire about the weather and take apt clothes, footwear and accessories, medicines, eatables, books to read, vanity. Some would even carry needle and thread with them. The list could go on and on . . .

Before heading for such a small journey, look how carefully do we pick our spot and then we don’t leave anything to chance, we plan it to perfection so that we live every moment . . . to the fullest.

The right way to choose your career path

A small, weeklong travel . . . we design it with so much care and precision. Shouldn’t the same caution, care and concern be shown before setting off on our lifelong professional journey?

When it comes to selecting a career, students invariably look outwards for the options which are numerous. It is required that one must first explore within then look outwards, pick the right option and subsequently plan the journey ahead.

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