School education is all about creating an ENVIRONMENT so that the child gets EXPOSURE of diverse kind. In today’s fast-changing times’ schools too are continuously evolving a wide range of activities and tasks which give the desired exposure to the children. Nowadays, schools are focusing more on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.

Apart from other activities, EXCURSION is one significant activity which makes the child aware of his surroundings wherein he EXPLORES both, the inner and the outer worlds.

Activities change with age

It is said that a child from the age of 0-6 has a high degree of love and devotion towards his PARENTS, 6-12 is the age in which he is to be made aware of GREAT PERSONALITIES and above 12 years of age awareness, respect and a sense of devotion for the COUNTRY should be instilled.

A child up to 6 years is supposed to spend maximum time with his parents, parents should take him to natural places, he should see the sunrise, open sky, stars, moon, rivers, hillocks, mountains, animals in the zoo so that he becomes friendly with these and gets a feel of belongingness to the world around him.

A child above the age of 6 should become well versed with the local factors. He should be made to visit banks, post office, Municipal Corporation, collectorate. These visits are to be planned to nearby villages so that they get familiar with the soil, crops, traditions and customs, financial situation. Spending time with the villagers would sensitize the child to the challenges they face in their day to day life. Children should be given knowledge of the industries, businesses, artisans, climatic conditions, rivers, cottage industries, speciality and history of the district, its strengths, weaknesses etc. Travelling to nearby places would present him with diverse situations and would make him aware of the district in which he lives. All this should be in sync with his syllabus and lessons.

Travel sharpens many more qualities

Travel to the birth places and karm bhoomi of great personalities would induce respect and inspiration from the stories of their lives. Places could be Porbandar, Chittorgarh, Maheshwar, Jhabua.

Above 12 the child should travel to places where historic events have taken place. Places like Haldighati, Kurukshetra, Ayodhya, JaliawalaBagh, Bagha Border, Andaman Nicobar islands are sure to induce a sense of pride and pain for those who laid their lives for the motherland.

Travel exposes the child with the rich cultural heritage of the country. Along with this responsibility given to the children inculcate qualities like planning, coordination, fund management, teamwork, discipline, people skills, diligence, crisis management etc. Travel also takes the child close to nature and hence helps a lot to make him a good human being. Adventure during travel prepares the child for future challenges of life.

A curriculum for excursion should be meticulously designed and not just the school but parents also are to be involved in the child’s journey of exploring the world.

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