Planning Operational Services

  • Developing an integrated IT Management/ ERP System for smooth running of operations
  • Guidance on Finance and Cost Management to inculcate financial discipline in the system right from the inception.
  • Creating Policy Manual for all stakeholders
  • Drafting ruling manual for effective governance
  • EPF/ESIC/PT/TDS assistance
  • Suggesting Safety & Security measures to comply with state, centre, judiciary & affiliating board rules.
  • Designing of Record Management System for error-free and time-saving operations.
  • Transportation designing with consideration of safety, time and cost saving.
  • Outlining Admission Rules and criteria
  • Canteen, /mess and tuck shop management
  • Analyzing housekeeping requirement and guiding on negotiating contracts.
  • Guidance in conduction of psychometric tests for utility/class IV staff
Express site survey