Detailed Financial Reports (to avail bank loan)

Purpose is to provide a feasibility study for setting up a school in the area and to get clarity on the outcome of the project. This is done by means of various assessment methods followed by analysis and synthesis of the collected data and information.

The detailed financial report can be used for the purpose of acquiring bank loan or attracting investors on board.

The DFR comprises of two stages:

Stage 1 deliverables:

  • Executive summary
  • Overview of education scenario of the city
  • Location analysis
  • Recommendation of fee structure
  • HR proposal
  • Drawing up of project goals
  • Prevailing trends in the area
  • Operating model details
  • Vision and philosophy
  • USP
  • Licences and documents requisite
  • Roadmap of the project
  • Formation of company/trust/society and its role
  • Managing committee structure formation
  • Registration, approval and affiliation requisites
  • Proposal for associates
  • Concept note
  • Overview of facilities to be included
  • Details of infrastructure and area required for year 1, 2 and 3
  • Software and ERP
  • Registers and record to be maintained
  • Admission rules and regulation

Stage 2 deliverables:

  • All projections to be done with a perspective of 10 years
  • Student flow projection
  • Fee collection matrix
  • Cost of infrastructure and facilities (phase 1, phase 2)
  • Pre and post operational budget
  • P/L account
  • Salary and other expenses
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