Academic Planning

  • Selection of publications and books for Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle classes.
  • Designing of Handbook /school diary
  • Designing of Timetable
  • Syllabus design
  • Designing of yearly examination calendar
  • Designing of Yearly academic calendar
  • Designing of Yearly activity calendar
  • Designing of annual sports calendar
  • Designing of curriculum for special classes
  • Designing Assessment and monitoring system covering various aspects related to all stakeholders
  • Planning for student-specific growth areas.
  • Designing of Annual Assembly Calendar incorporating a spectrum of activities to give a good start to each new day.
  • Designing of activities and communication platforms involving parents at various stages for mutual cooperation to ensure children’s overall development.
  • Designing of PTA Constitution for seamless and effective communication between school and parents.
  • Inclusion of technology for proper feedback system
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