New School

We understand that starting up a school requires a combined set of skills that comprise knowledge of school education as well as business prowess. It mostly happens that the entrepreneurs lack either one or the other. Ekatvam takes such projects on turnkey basis and provides a complete solution from Construction to Commissioning and First Year of Operation.

Site Survey and Market Research-

This is a key activity which is conducted to have a broad feel of the area where the school is to be set up.

  • Conducting a widespread survey to sense the expectation and aspiration of the people falling in the catchment area.
  • Carrying out a site and neighborhood survey for having an insight into market potential.
  • Getting an idea about the fabric of major strata of the society and their willingness and ability to spend on child’s education.
  • Meeting with opinion makers, preferably school teachers, reputed coaching owners and PTA members of reputed schools, social leaders etc.
  • Preparation of detailed reports in modular form with in-depth demand forecasting

Guidance in Legal Compliance

  • Advice on registration of schools under the legal regimes in India
  • Compatibility of the selected legal regime with the unique rules of the State in which the school is located
  • Advice on setting up a Minority Religious or Linguistic Trust in respect of Minority Educational Institutions under the Constitution of India, if applicable
  • Impact of the right of children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (RTE-2009) on schools from different angles.
  • Advice on obtaining a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the State Government
  • Advice on obtaining other NOC’s from the concerned government departments

Detailed Financial Reports (to avail bank loan)

Purpose is to provide a feasibility study for setting up a school in the area and to get clarity on the outcome of the project. This is done by means of various assessment methods followed by analysis and synthesis of the collected data and information.

The detailed financial report can be used for the purpose of acquiring bank loan or attracting investors on board.

The DFR comprises of two stages:

Stage 1 deliverables:

  • Executive summary
  • Overview of education scenario of the city
  • Location analysis
  • Recommendation of fee structure
  • HR proposal
  • Drawing up of project goals
  • Prevailing trends in the area
  • Operating model details
  • Vision and philosophy
  • USP
  • Licences and documents requisite
  • Roadmap of the project
  • Formation of company/trust/society and its role
  • Managing committee structure formation
  • Registration, approval and affiliation requisites
  • Proposal for associates
  • Concept note
  • Overview of facilities to be included
  • Details of infrastructure and area required for year 1, 2 and 3
  • Software and ERP
  • Registers and record to be maintained
  • Admission rules and regulation

Stage 2 deliverables:

  • All projections to be done with a perspective of 10 years
  • Student flow projection
  • Fee collection matrix
  • Cost of infrastructure and facilities (phase 1, phase 2)
  • Pre and post operational budget
  • P/L account
  • Salary and other expenses

Architectural and Infra Planning

Well planned is half done. The project is planned very meticulously with consideration of each and every fine detail. This would form a strong base for smooth execution of work.

  • Assessing the provision of land area to include all the planned facilities in accordance to board compliance.
  • Architectural concept complying with the State, Centre and the affiliating Board.
  • The architectural concept of the project based on the latest trends prevailing across the globe.
  • Continuous coordination with the architect and the client to ensure the best quality, smooth, timely and cost-effective execution of the project.
  • Planning and designing of science and subject labs, playgrounds, indoor game courts, auditorium, mess, library and other facilities.
  • Interior Planning – Concept and detailed drawings including floor finish, tiling and cladding, carpentry details, wall finishes, artwork etc
  • Landscape – Ideation and site development services comprising precise drawings for the external area.
  • Green School Planning – Incorporating energy efficient and environment friendly measures
  • Thoughtfully designed and strategically located boarding facility for students and residential facility for staff members in the campus.

Project Conceptualization

Well planned is half done. The project is planned very meticulously with consideration of each and every fine detail. This would form a strong base for smooth execution of work.

  • Creating Vision and Mission and Philosophy
  • Guidance for master planning
  • Finalizing the milestones of the project
  • Inputs on statutory requirements
  • Affiliation/ Board Planning

Boarding Management System (in case boarding facility is planned)

Boarding is a home away from home for the child. It should provide an environment to give physical comfort and mental security to the child and be able to channelize his energy through positive and meaningful activities.

  • Scheduling of activities
  • Laundry management
  • Mess management with a close eye on nutrition, hygiene and cost objective.
  • Security management
  • Prep classes planning to ensure 100 % result
  • Recreation for rejuvenation of body, mind and soul
  • Planning to ensure hygiene in every nook and corner.
  • Meticulous planning of sports activities for physical fitness of the boarding children.

Recruitment and Training

  • Human resource requirement analysis at various stages of time.
  • Drawing up detailed job description of academic and operational staff
  • Advertising, Short listing, Interview Conduction and Recommending Best candidate
  • Recruitment drive for Principal, HODs, key persons, teachers, operational and helping staff
  • Staff Training Program for faculty and operational staff prior to commissioning of school
  • Drafting Contracts for Principal, teachers and other staff members
  • Briefing of usage of CBSE, IGCSE and IB academic websites
  • Training of various committees to be formed as suggested by CBSE
  • Training for conduction of ASL in the school
  • Subject-specific, ECE, NCLB, POCSO, Soft skills and behavioural training.
  • Organizing spoken English and communication skills training for the staff members
  • Training on the establishment of a dynamic examination department complying with all the necessary requirements of the affiliating board.

Branding and Marketing

Branding reflects the vision and philosophy of an educational entity. A hundred-year-old institute also has to put consistent efforts to keep itself blossoming in the hearts of community so for a new school it becomes imperative to focus sharply on branding and marketing to maximize its reach.

  • Generating a brand name, logo and a befitting tagline
  • Branding and marketing for apt positioning
  • Guidance for website development with consideration of all stakeholders.
  • Strategy for making long-lasting and fruitful public relations
  • Creating marketing collaterals i.e. Brochure, leaflet, office stationery etc.
  • Digital marketing Plan
  • Guidance on scheduling and organizing conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Guidance in conducting community services for earning faith in the region.

Academic Planning

  • Selection of publications and books for Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle classes.
  • Designing of Handbook /school diary
  • Designing of Timetable
  • Syllabus design
  • Designing of yearly examination calendar
  • Designing of Yearly academic calendar
  • Designing of Yearly activity calendar
  • Designing of annual sports calendar
  • Designing of curriculum for special classes
  • Designing Assessment and monitoring system covering various aspects related to all stakeholders
  • Planning for student-specific growth areas.
  • Designing of Annual Assembly Calendar incorporating a spectrum of activities to give a good start to each new day.
  • Designing of activities and communication platforms involving parents at various stages for mutual cooperation to ensure children’s overall development.
  • Designing of PTA Constitution for seamless and effective communication between school and parents.
  • Inclusion of technology for proper feedback system

Planning Operational Services

  • Developing an integrated IT Management/ ERP System for smooth running of operations
  • Guidance on Finance and Cost Management to inculcate financial discipline in the system right from the inception.
  • Creating Policy Manual for all stakeholders
  • Drafting ruling manual for effective governance
  • EPF/ESIC/PT/TDS assistance
  • Suggesting Safety & Security measures to comply with state, centre, judiciary & affiliating board rules.
  • Designing of Record Management System for error-free and time-saving operations.
  • Transportation designing with consideration of safety, time and cost saving.
  • Outlining Admission Rules and criteria
  • Canteen, /mess and tuck shop management
  • Analyzing housekeeping requirement and guiding on negotiating contracts.
  • Guidance in conduction of psychometric tests for utility/class IV staff

Board Affiliation Services

  • Aid in application and affiliation process
  • Verification of all norms and procedures before applying for affiliation
  • Guidance in case of deficiencies/objections from Board
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