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Ekatvam is a group of people, passionate about education, with a profound insight of every minute detail that goes into establishment, smooth operation and fulfilling growth of an educational institute. Our team has travelled extensively across the globe and has exposure to innovative initiatives and best practices in the very dynamic field of education.

We derive our inspiration from the deep-rooted essence of our age-old education system which has been the pride of India. There was a golden period when education was believed to be one of the paths to attain moksha and enlightenment. We believe in convergence ‘Ekatvam’ and our aim is to build educational institutes that make learning a blissful experience.

To stay ahead in the race and to deliver the best in this fast-changing world, the brains behind the school are supposed to visualize the future and be proactive. We, during the journey, from architectural planning to first year of operation, would brace you for the future, so that every challenge is met with utmost confidence.From helping you choose the best-suited business model to regulatory compliance and ensuring best return on investment, Ekatvam is one stop solution for budding and seasoned edupreneurs. We equip you in taking long-term, self-sustaining and cost-effective decisions for successful outcome in your educational endeavours.

What is Ekatvam

  • Ekatvam is a group of people, passionate about education, dedicated to building temples of knowledge that would provide the best learning experiencetothefuturegeneration.

  • Ekatvam provides consultancy for turnkey projects as well as existing project who seek growth.

  • Ekatvam hands over end to end solution for commissioning and successful operation of educational institutions.

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